Shirt Spotter

(New Page created 1/11/2010)

From time to time Nunya Shirts are given to people worthy of wearing them in the Nunya tradition.
Over the years the webmaster has been sent photos of people wearing these shirts in unusual locations, however with a hard drive crash earlier this year they have been lost.
This new page will highlight these photos. Enjoy Nunya Miller

1st November 2010 - Marcus Doepfner and his family met up with Nunya Reid in Bali 2008 and celebrated the 2009 New Year in there.

Marcus has just arrived back from a Trip to Khao Lak in Thailand during October 2010.

Little did Marcus know that Nunya Miller was in Pattaya Thailand at the same time on Tour.

It would have been a bit of a surprise to bump into him at bangkok Airport in the same shirts...

Marcus, with big Red Shoes you could pass as Ronald with that shirt.

11th January 2011
Brisbane Floods

Nunya Wick helping at Western Spirit Football Club.


Although the Nunya's are committed to Social Interaction, hard partying and good old fashioned fun we are also committed to the responsible consumption of alcohol ...........but by the way, thats nunya bloody business either !!
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