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NUNYA (Fellows)

"Australian Nunya Institute"

Be it known to all that the following have qualified for membership of this institute and were admitted as "Fellows" of the institute and as such are entitled to all the rights and priveliges of membership having shown that they possess good character and are bilingual, the abilty to speak 2 languages (Fluent English & Fluent Drunk, are a minimum standard).

Chopper1Reedster - Peter Reid - Fully fledged Bundy Rum & Cola Nunya. Has been attending Sydney Tour for some 13 years now. Sometimes has a Bundy induced slur and replies "...nunya thucken bithneth". Also known as Chopper for obvious reasons. Can come up with some eerie predictions from the future indicating strong psychic capabilities. Speaks and understands fluent drunk. reedster@nunya.com.au




Razor1Razor - Raymond Gartside - fully fledged Rum & Cola Nunya. Bundaberg (Bundy) that is. Known to consume many other potent cocktails on the morning after but becomes a real stayer as the night comes on.  Dedicated ten year member who even has been known to attend a tour with both of his wrists broken. Who said he couldn't shout with two broken wrists. Also speaks and understands fluent drunk. razor@nunya.com.au




Wick2Bank Manager - Kym Wickstein - nicknamed Bank Manager by Carlotta, previously known as Wick. Tried Gin Squash once, never again. XXXX Gold drinker. Yes he is a Bank Manager and owns his own branch. Has been known many years ago to regurgitate outside his Hotel room on his hands and knees dressed only in his underpants. This has resulted in bursting all his facial blood vessels. With his learned background, has mastered the language of fluent drunk with many years experience. bankmanager@nunya.com.au



Duggy1Duggy - Doug Goodwin - but just known as Duggy. Known to have a XXXX coldie or ten on a hot day. Also known as "The Wanderer". Has returned back to the Hotel Room with One shoe, One white sock plastered black underneath complete with cigarette butt. Nothing can keep Duggy from a Nunya Tour. One year he attended with a fractured neck and broken ribs.That is true dedication. Was taught to speak fluent drunk at an early age. duggy@nunya.com.au 




Miller2Miller - Nunya Miller - JD, JD, JD & Dry. Was that a stutter. For long hauls its always a Fourex Gold. Can crack a toilet bowl with a number 2 and usually shares a Hotel Room with Bank Manager. This explains Bank Manager in the hallway in his jocks. It wasn't the drink it was the overpowering aroma in the bathroom. Does sometimes have a serious side but not very often. Has been used as the standard for Nip pours. Half a Nip equals 1 "Miller" or 2 "Millers" equal a full Nip. Has been practising to speak fluent drunk at every opportunity. Who threw that bloody coaster..  miller@nunya.com.au Nunya Miller heads up Blokes World eXtreme Tours to Pattaya, Thailand for extreme drinking tours. See www.blokesworld.net



Bazza1Bazza - Barry Canon - true connoisseur of the amber liquid. XXXX preferable. The last inducted Nunya but has some absolutely red hot hot tips for Royal Randwick Races, Race Horse 3 - 4. Has a similar problem to the Reedster with a slight XXXX induced slur. If you don't understand him just nod and smile. Warning - Also slurs when completely sober.  He occassionaly speaks fluent drunk but with a heavy accent of slur. bazza@nunya.com.au




CarlottaCarlotta - "Blow it out your arse". and "Yes darling it is me". Looking even more sensational than ever if that is possible. Currently touring with "Carlotta's Priscilla Show". This is an absolutely must see First Class Entertainment & Comedy Spectacular. For times and dates visit carlotta.com.au by clicking on the photo of Carlotta.




CrikeyCrikey - Luke Smith - Upgraded to the Union of Nunya Trainees (Position - Co-ordinator) Currently in the process of learning fluent drunk. Has a striking resemblance to one of our beloved Aussie icons. Has huge potential to be a fully fledged Nunya in the very short term. Impartial to the Bundy and Coke, sometimes partakes of the Bombay Gin. Can sometimes be seen wrestling a crocodile in his relaxation and leisure time. First Car: 100SX Red and Marone Beast (Mazda 1300). Proudest Moment: Drinking the Full Cocktail List on the 2007 Nunya Cruise with Miller. Favourite Clothing: Nunya Shirts. Dream Girls: Jennifer Love Hewitt & Catrina Rowntree. Favourite Destination: Abiza. Favourite Band: Nirvana. Favourite Movie: The Castle. Favourite Food: Lasagne. Favourite Pastime: Farting. crikey@nunya.com.au



Little JohnLittle John - John Sikorsky - The Gentle Giant. Has the abilty to enjoy himself in any environment. Enjoys straight Jack Daniels when possible. Rumoured among a few of the Nunyas that he has the largest hemispherical appendages. Does that mean he has big balls? Has not mastered speaking "Fluent Drunk". This may take a while.




GregGreg - Greg Edmonds - Taunter of Little John (Started the rumour of the Big Balls). Spends most of his time trying to arrange a chopper or airflight. Known to drink Pina Coladas and Coronas but only with Lime. Has a very large plastic sword collection. Has been known to speak Fluent Drunk on occassions.




Troy - Troy Wickstein

Wade - Wade Cannon


  MiltonProfile  Milton - Milton Turner - Don't be surprised but.... Milton knows Kevin from Sydney. Amazing enough, I was surprised as well. If you are fortunate enough to get to the Nunya Bar in Bali, ask Milton about his mate Kevin. Has the coldest Bintangs in all of Bali.

NIT's - NUNYA IN TRAINING (To be inducted)

Hank - Mark Hancock

Foggy - Andrew Fogg

Simmsy - Mark Simms

Donnie - Don Ford

Neil - Neil O'Connor

Gio - Gianotti

Macca - John Maconachie

Kel - Kel Spark

Troy - Troy Say

Jimmy - Jim Livingstone

Jim - Jim Sim

Mick - Michael Gallagher

Nussy - Gary Nuss

Deano - Dean Gaedtke

Fagan - Michael Fagan

Fabs - Steve Fabri

Rusty - Russell Stephen

Kevvie - Kevin Hufschmid

Andrew - Andrew Van Bennekom




DebDeb - Bank Manageress. Enjoys Bubbles occasionaly but mostly Scotch & Dry.





ShazShazza - Falls out of bed (Sober). Tipples on Sweet White wine infrequently.





LeanneLeanne - Throws wild unsupported accusations of other people who allegedly snore and then she proceeds to saw wood all night with a bloody chainsaw.





KayeKaye - When you can see the back of "Little Johns" T Shirt when he is riding his Harley you know straight away that Kaye has fallen off the back.





ShanaShana - A few Carlton Blondes and she will giggle all night. Likes Kahlua but prefers Tequila. Beware ! Back on the road again.





CharlieCharlie - Has shares in a very large plastic sword collection. Will invest in a bar next and some small paper umbrellas.





LisaLisa - Likes the Chardy (Chardonnay) very cold. Rumour has it that she may be investing in a pet Crocodile soon.... Crikey! First Car: 1976 V8 Statesman. Proudest Acheivement: Tripping down the stairs at Schoolies and not spilling a drop of Drink. Number of Kisses at Schoolies: Two. Favourite Movie: The Notebook. Favourite Food: Chicken. Favourite Clothing: Halter Neck Dress. Faults: Cannot Reverse Park. Dislikes: Crikey sticking his ar*e up and farting. lisa@nunya.com.au




SabinaSabina - Totally organised... NOT. Does not even have any massage oil when required. Guess what she will be getting for Christmas this year from Santa. Is easily embarrassed, gets blind on Champers but normally is a Jim Beam drinker. First Car: 1987 Holden Astra. Happiest Time: Travelling Europe and seeing the family. Acheivements: Learnt fluent English in 5 months, now learning to speak fluent drunk. Faults: Corrects Lisa's spelling but can reverse park. Favourite Movie: Dirty Dancing. Dream Guy: Christiano Ronaldo. Favourite Clothing: Black Bubble Dress. Favourite Food: Seafood. Dislikes: Sprouts and giving Miller a massage. (He is still waiting.... in his dreams...) sabina@nunya.com.au




BreanneBreanne - Excuse me ma'am can I see your I.D. please. Oh is that only a mocktail... are you sure?





TashTash - But that plastic shouldn't peel off your fake I.D. Need to take back for warranty or get a refund.






   KerrieProfile   Kerrie - Kerrie Turner . Enjoys a cold Bintang and makes all patrons welcome at the Nunya Bar at the famous Indo-National Bar and Restaurant in Bali..... Even Nunya's are welcomed.

(Too many to mention but here are a few from the past few years)

Glen - Adelaide

Geoff - Adelaide

Paul - Brisbane

Daniels - Gold Coast - (Official photographer)

Frank - Brisbane

Lutsy - Gold Coast

Alex - Sydney

Mal - Gold Coast

John - Brisbane

Greg - Brisbane

And the list goes on ........

Although the Nunya's are committed to Social Interaction, hard partying and good old fashioned fun we are also committed to the responsible consumption of alcohol ...........but by the way, thats nunya bloody business either !!
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